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I always would like to visit the Baltics, an area featuring nations including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Aspect of it was the allure of the location. While it became part of the Soviet Union, not muchwas found out about the location. Yet inside the Soviet Union it was actually called among the best effective locations of the country. It‘ s something to reside or even explore Russia or even Ukraine, but it was entirely another to check out the Baltics.

The Baltics are various. Unlike the Slavic languages suchas Russian, Ukrainian or Belorussian, the foreign languages spoken in the Baltics perform certainly not originate from the exact same foreign language family members. Lithuanian and Latvian are related yet certainly not collectively incomprehensible. Alternatively, Estonian is very closely pertaining to Finish.


Lithuania, in addition to Latvia and also Estonia, is just one of the 3 Baltic nations settled in the Northeast of Europe near the border withRussia.

lithuania women is actually a relatively little nation witha population of only 2.8 M folks. The capital as well as the biggest city is actually Vilnius, along witha populace of just about 500,000 citizens approximately.

I spent about pair of years residing in Vilnius. I additionally traveled around the nation a fair bit, so I feel I have a good grasp on the attitude of the people.

In that amount of time, I dated several Lithuanian women and had one major partner withwhom I devoted an excellent portion of time living.


Lithuania has a stormy past. The country‘ s principal problem was its geographics: it was actually consistently sandwiched between pair of major powers: Germany as well as Russia.

This indicated that, for most of its own record, the larger electrical powers used the small country as a stream to either preempt attacks or even a holding ground for an aggressive initiative.

At one factor, Poland took in Lithuania right into its own realm. At that point it was actually the freshly created Soviet Union, after that it was the Germans in the course of WWII. At that point it was actually the Soviets once more.

Finally, in 1991, Lithuania came to be individual. And, in 2004, it participated in the European Union.

While one might dispute that Lithuania is right now fully individual, as a participant of the EU, it still needs to solution to another manager- the politicians living in Capital.

Nevertheless, today Lithuania is quickly coming to be an effortless nation to reside and to do company. One of the best things about Lithuania is its own super-fast World wide web that you may acquire for a very affordable price. When I resided certainly there, I appreciated a 100Mb Internet for simply one thing like $10/month.

It‘ s additionally a nation that ‚ s cleaner, has a lot less nepotism as well as far more managed than basically all the other Soviet Union republics other than its Baltic brother or sisters: Estonia and also Latvia.

In regards to the attitude of individuals, I regularly thought that Lithuania was actually closer to its own Slavic countries like Ukraine instead of its Western side next-door neighbors. However I possessed the inappropriate belief. Lithuania (et cetera of the Baltic countries) is actually definitely closer to countries like Germany and also Scandinavia.


Lithuania‘ s language is Lithuanian. It ‚ s rather distantly pertaining to Latvian and additionally to the-now-extinct Aged Prussian.

Since it doesn‘ t associate withvarious other languages, it‘ s a reasonably hard language to understand. I would rate it closer to Hungarian or even Finnishin relations to problem.

Unlike other International languages, many words bear no resemblance to their Englishequivalents.

So, if you definitely want to learn it, you should plunge head initially and begin withthe beginning.

The really good news is actually that a really good portion of the population communicates Russian, a heritage of its own Soviet past times. This is simply appropriate to those that‘ re 35 +.

This is a lot more therefore in Vilnius, where almost everyone over 25 years old may at the very least know fundamental Russian.

When I stayed there certainly, I talked Russian to the mucholder folks as well as Britishto the muchyounger ones.

The women

The primary thing you observe concerning Lithuanian women is that they‘ re remarkably attractive. The most effective means to define all of them would certainly be to say that they‘ re some kind of a cross in between Ukrainian as well as Russian along witha style of Scandinavian combined in.

They have this “ Northern “ try to it. Highcheekbones, light-toned blue eyes, white colored skin layer.

There were opportunities when I virtually presumed that almost every female might be a cover girl. They are also incredibly womanly as well as recognize just how to dress when heading out, and so on

They‘ re likewise tall. Exceptionally high. I strongly believe Lithuanians are several of the highest folks in Europe. It wasn‘ t rare to be surrounded throughwomen that are all at the very least 5′ 10 and also above. Therefore, if’you ‚ re an individual that ‚ s on a muchshorter incrustation( listed below 5 ‚ 8), you ‚ ll undoubtedly experience it: folks will certainly be floating above you.

But something kept troubling me throughout my keep. I remained in Eastern Europe, however the women didn‘ t action Far eastern International: they didn ‚ t act like the women in the various other Far eastern International nations like Romania, Ukraine, and also Russia. For a long period of time, I couldn‘ t figure out why. Everything was lining up: I was in Eastern Europe, in a previous Soviet Union nation; a few of these women also spoke Russian, yet they didn‘ t process Asian International.

I ultimately understood the trouble after speaking witha Russian man who had been staying in Lithuania for a while. His perception was that Russian as well as Ukrainian women are muchmore “ mild “ and “ womanly. “ He possessed some difficulty illustrating his take in, but I knew specifically what he was talking about. Russian and Ukrainian women are actually a little extra womanly; Lithuanian women are a bit muchmore Westernized. The difference isn‘ t large, yet if’you ‚ ve devoted time in Russian and also Ukraine, you‘ ll definitely observe it.

The perpetrator could be climate. lithuania women lies right in northEurope so it‘ s extremely cool the majority of the year. The summer seasons are nice and also pleasurable however brief. Understandably, individuals conform and also come to be muchmore reserved, reviewed to point out the friendly Italians or even Spaniards.

Nevertheless, there hasn‘ t been yet another country where I‘ ve found a lot of wonderful women in one spot. I can essentially be actually strolling on the street and also believing to myself, that woman may quickly be actually a design, or that woman, or even that girl. They are actually that lovely. Yet they‘ re also a bit a lot more Westernized than their Eastern counterparts. Right now, whether you consider that as a benefit or even a downside is completely up to you.

Where to comply withwomen in the day

Just approximately anywhere, but if I can create a fast tip: I wouldn‘ t suggest meeting all of them out on the street while they ‚ re in a surge someplace. As an alternative, you‘ re better off fulfilling all of them when they‘ re relaxing in a coffee bar or browsing in some apparel store.

One of my favorite methods- and one where I picked one of the most varieties- was actually in a Zara on Gedimino Syllabus, the major street in Vilnius. (I additionally possessed decent luck at the H&M surrounding).

The women were incredibly rested and also usually open to techniques unlike those that were going to some destination.

Another excellent area for approaching is a book store or a library. Lithuanian women love to go through, so you could get simple numbers while surfing a large or even small bookstore or even inside the collection.

Meeting women in the evening

Lithuania possesses respectable nightlife. The problem is that the areas are actually only also tiny to offer you a wide range of various locations and also nightclubs. Nonetheless, the principal city, Vilnius, has a number of clubs witha really good, welcoming feel.

There are likewise a lot of groups certainly there at the same time.

In the summer months, a truly great choice is actually the seaside town of Palanga. That‘ s where most of Lithuania mosts likely to cool down.

There‘ s consistently stuff taking place boththroughout the day as well as in the evening. In the evening, there are some actually happening clubs.

Meeting women on the web

While the nightlife isn‘ t the best, I was amazed at just how simple it was actually to comply withwomen online. AlthoughI possessed suitable excellence along withTinder, easily, the best results I possessed when I utilized an internet site referred to as Lithuanian Cupid to comply withwomen. In reality, this is the internet site I wholeheartedly recommend when you are actually making an effort to fulfill women in Lithuania.

A lot of women I matched were Russian and also Ukrainian women dwelling in the country, yet I additionally matched lots of beautiful lithuania women too.

If you’re also thinking about meeting a lovely Lithuanian lady, most definitely give Lithuanian Cupid a try. You won’t be let down!

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